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Q: How many cards are inside the pack?

A: One pack of Animal4D+ and Octaland4D+ Occupation cards consist of 26 illustrated cards + 1 instruction card, whilst Space4D+ cards will consist of 38 illustrated cards + 1 instruction card.


Q: How do I feed the animals?

A: If you would like to feed the animal, please follow these steps:
- Tap the banana icon on the left bottom screen.
- Place the food card and animal side by side.
- Point the camera to the cards

Q: Where can I find the serial number? I need to see all the characters.

A: The serial number is attached on the instruction card inside the box. Once you receive the 4D+ cards, you will get one serial number for three devices.

Q: What OS is supported?


Minimum iOS 7 and aboveiPod Touch 5th & 6th GenerationiPad 2nd Generation 

 iPhone 4siPad 3rd Generation 

 iPhone 5 SeriesiPad 4th Generation 

 iPhone 6 SeriesiPad Air 

  iPad Air 2 

  iPad Mini 2/3/4 

  iPad Pro 


Minimum OS 4.01 "Ice Cream Sandwich"
It works well on 1 GB RAM
Not compatible with Intel Atom Processor
Memory card that supports Augmented Reality feature