Octaland 4D+ Colour Me! Book



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Octaland 4D+ Colour Me! Book

Explore your creativity with Octaland4D+ Colour Me! Perfect for young learners, Octaland4D+ Colour Me! contains pages of 26 characters in Octaland4D+ (Octanians)that are waiting for you to splash some colours using your colouring pencils or markers. Turn the Octanians into animated 3D characters by downloading Octaland4D+ Occupation  App for free on the App Store and Google Play Store then scan the pages to see your creation come to life in Augmented Reality.


Before entering the Colour Me! mode, users are requested to fill a serial number from the instructions card in the Octaland4D+ Occupation Flashcards. Note that one serial number is applied for only three devices. After filling up the serial number, scan the Octaland4D+ Colour Me! pages using Octaland4D+ App to meet the Octanians from A-Z:

•    Albert the Astronaut

•    Bertie the Builder

•    Charlotte the Chef

•    Daisy the Dancer

•    Eddie the Engineer

•    Frank the Fireman

•    George the Gardener

•    Hannah the Hairdresser

•    Izzie the Interior Designer

•    Jenny the Jockey

•    Kaz the King

•    Lucy the Librarian

•    Matt the Magician

•    Nadia the Nurse

•    Olivia the Orthodontist

•    Pablo the Policeman

•    Queenie the Quantity Surveyor

•    Rory the Racer

•    Stanley the Scientist

•    Tracy the Teacher

•    Ugo the Used Car Salesman

•    Violet the Vet

•    Wendy the Writer

•    Xavier the X-Ray Operator

•    Yvonne the Yoga Instructor

•    Zack the Zoo Keeper


Colouring fosters creative spirit in every child. Moreover, it is a simple and fun activity that helps develop cognitive and psychology of a child. With Octaland4D+ Colour Me! young learners will get more experience than just colouring, it will take colouring into the next level with AR experience and is super amazing.


Download Free Color Me! Marker Here